Edmonds Youth Sports lacrosse program provides youth lacrosse for kids Kindergarten through 12th grade. The premier Edmonds Lacrosse experience where everyone plays; everyone wins.



Youth Required Gear: 


Shoulder Pads

Arm Pads



Mouth Guard

Athletic Cup


High School Game Required Gear: 

Helmet: Black Mask, Navy Visor, Navy Shell, Navy Chin, Mohawk None, Vent None, Caorlina Blue Back, White Strap.

Shoulder Pads: Any

Arm Pads: Any

Gloves: White, Gray, Navy, Black, or Combination of these.

Stick: Most new sticks will be appropriate however please check: High School Stick Rules to make sure you get the right one the first time

Mouth Guard: Any

Athletic Cup: Any


If you are joining us for practice any color gear will work however, it is always best to plan ahead and get what you will need if playing in a game. We will have extra game helmets if you need to purchase or rent one.