Edmonds Youth Sports lacrosse program provides youth lacrosse for kids Kindergarten through 12th grade. The premier Edmonds Lacrosse experience where everyone plays; everyone wins.


Tyler Lucas - (1992-2011)(Issaquah High School Lacrosse, Seattle West Coast Starz Team, Washington Junior Stealth)


The Tyler Lucas Invitational is dedicated to the memory of a wonderful young man that was taken away from us to soon and a celebration of family and life. Tyler was a young man dedicated to his family and an unbelievable skill and passion for lacrosse. Come join us and celebrate Tyler’s life at the TL17 invitational.

$50.00 per player 6 ON 6 BOX LACROSSE - Registration will open in January 2015

(!!!Includes a Pinnie!!!)

Location: Lynnwood High School

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  1. 6 vs 6 (Including Goalie)
  2. BOX Lacrosse rules will apply.(No Cross-Checking)
  3. Games are 20 minute running clock
  4. Adults Team – Guaranteed 4 Games
  5. 3/4 Guaranteed 4 Games 
  6. 5/6 Guaranteed 4 Games
  7. 7/8 Guaranteed 4 Games
No 30 seconds shot clock
For youth it's the first kid to the ball.  Some stick checking is ok. 
No Cross checking allow at any level.
Penalties are severed like normal, with man down.
No Timeout in the last 2 minutes.
Missed shots on goal are turnovers, not first to the line.

1. Equipment:
No hard shell shoulder caps permitted. All standard field equipment required.

2. Roughness:
Unnecessary roughness will not be allowed. Relaxed contact is encouraged. Players may push with closed hands but if the intent is a "takeout check" possession will be given and that player will serve a penalty.

  • Stick checks - will be Sticks and Hands ONLY ONE HANDED STICK CHECKS ALLOWED at 7/8 level and up)
  • Charging - Getting a running start at a player with the intention to knock them down will NOT be tolerated. If these are intentional players will be ejected from all games.
  • Cross Checking - Absolutely none whatsoever 
  • Slashing or High Sticking - Your stick should NEVER go ever the shoulder of the other player
A two minute penalty will be accessed for these infractions or depending on the infraction ejection.

3. 1st to the Ball Rule:
A player MUST let the player closest to the ball gain possession (Control of the ball) BEFORE stick or hand checking.
The referee will do there level best to shout the color of the player who is closest to the ball.

If any intentional body contact is made the referee shall blow the play dead and award the ball to the player who was closest to the ball. Arm to arm, stick on stick checking is permitted as long there is no body contact. Excessive rough play may result in a Minor (2 min) or Major (5 min) penalty.

4. Dangerous Shot:
When a player takes an uncontrolled shot that hits an opposing player, that player will be given a two minute unsportsmanlike penalty. Referee’s have the discretion of not calling this penalty if a defensive player intentionally tries to get hit with the shot or is in the crease “goaltending”.

5. Expulsions:
Any player who is assessed three penalties in a game will be ejected for that game and any further games that day.

6. Fighting
Any player who receives a penalty for fighting or a match penalty will be expelled from the tournament.

7. Major Penalty:
Any player who is assessed a major penalty will be expelled from the game.

8. Time Outs (all games running time):
Mini-Games – 1 x 30 sec time out per team per game (the clock will stay running)

9. Stick Checks and Goal Keeper Measurements:
Stick checks and goal keeper measurements are not permitted.